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This is a Wonderful Day!

Greetings everyone,

Many new things have arrived; like my ability to write a much more crap due to my having a blog editor program. In a weekend and over the last month many things have happened to make this community a thing again; like me getting a new dedicated server, setting up a VM Node, hosting my bots and getting the ability to host my own games. In short happiness and free :pattu: emojis for everyone. This might even allow me to start publishing some remi stuff as side stories or some samples of the TNU VN scripting. This is amazing. I do hope that you will join me in my posts and that those who were part of the community in the past will join us. MMC is still a thing and for nostalgia factor we are bringing it back. Love the IGA’s and now my personal techie Hyde (Marie) on Discord for making all this happen… Much :pattu:’s for him!!!!


Website Upgrades


So Rick has completed the new WordPress. I have also merged the Risa Project blog into this wordpress since the IGA now contains my entire community having two is mostly meaningless. My blog posts will be rare on a personal note but you’ll see them on occasion. If you need anything just let staff know via ticket, chat or on TS.



Personal Blog Post – Dell – 8/7/15

Hi there,

I usually do not post blog posts anymore about personal stuff because it never seems to get anywhere but today I will make an exception. I have only ever shared my opinion about a company once before when Verizon Wireless would not replace my device and kept saying that the slow network connection was just life. It ended in me contacting BBB and getting the issue resolved by someone from Verizon Executive Relations. They sent a tech out to figure out that the issue is because we live in a hill and transmission from the tower is bad. The resolution; an apology, two months of free service and an iPhone. The result of this resolution; I like Verizon provided I don’t have to go through customer service “hell” again and deal with agents whom “care about me being the 36th call of their 50 call streak”.

My current issue is with Dell (AKA Alienware; yeah Dell bought them… I never knew this.). So I buy this nice “New” Alienware A51 with Premium Support (On-Site and supposed chat, phone and email support; mind you the phone support is “premium” too :D). The computer gets to me and I set it all up but realize that this was Dell and tried to refund before I get the computer. Since it was already shipped (and I had to wait two weeks for that; on top of that the refund/cancel I put in took a week for anyone to look at… Strange how that works.). I finally got a response to that and the customer service folks gave me $70 for the error… Fine a payment on the financing I got it on… Great; I’ll keep the computer… That was Jan 7… Then comes Jan 11! I had been noticing I could not hibernate the system… After hours of Dell Forum-Warrioring I decide to contact Technical Support and am greeted by a representative (He said he was in Porta Rico if I recall; he sounded more like he was from India reading me a script)… He takes me through hours of using Dell’s tasty “Fix-It” application which does everything I already tried (Apparently these folks think me telling them I work in IT and KNOW WHAT I AM DOING to actually mean “I am a moron and know nothing; please hand hold and redo everything I just did”). After hours of this his shift ends and he calls me two days later. He says his “escalation” team needs to check this further. A week later they tell me to use the Alienware Respawn to reformat my computer. I say no; he says this is the only way to fix the issue. I say it did not work since the system ARRIVED before I did anything to it. He then updates the ticket and says he will have it looked into… A week later… The resolution is still “Reformat” so I go ahead and resolve the issue myself after contacting Dell’s Executive Service team and waiting a week for nothing to happen. (Notice how “Premium this support is so far!) I finally email Dell telling them how I resolved my issue… And no response to this day… Good job dell; so “Premium”; no chat support, only two emails, weeks waiting… no on-site visit… I would be happy to go through this again… This is so worth the extra $300. I should spend more money to be told “Reformat” by phone support Indians reading a script. I remember my old Latitude laptop; they actually sent out technicians, provided US BASED SUPPORT TECHNICIANS WHO ACTUALLY HAD A BRAIN! (Enterprise support?) and they actually offered live chat and email support…. Nevertheless they actually let me (and my IT background diagnose my own problems and REQUEST REPLACEMENT PARTS via a TICKET and ACTUALLY DISPATCHED THINGS TO ME WITH A TECHNICIAN…. Just like HP for the life of my HP EliteBook Support Contract… Why hath thou forsaken me Dell?! I R NED SUPPURT DELL… Y CAN HAZ NO SERVICE… WINDOWS 10 RESOLUTION AND .HLP FILE COMPATABILITY PROBLEM -_- MICROSFOT ANSWER DESK IS VERY “ANSWERFUL” COME SAVE ME DELL ENTERPRISE SUPPORT… I NEED INDIANS AND MORE TICKET SUPPORT, LESS “Hello sir, I am Harmod; I have come to help you today… Please reformat your computer.” T_T.


(Note: This is not an IGA post; this is my opinion on how Dell’s service has become less than desirable. If you don’t want to read this you don’t have to.”

New Services!


So we now offer a 7 Days to Die Private Server and a Contagion Private Server. For access to these you must already be a member of our community and ask within one of our Skype Groups. We also have another hosting admin who can help with hosting tickets when I am not around. He does not have access to the TS, 7DD server or Contagion server so keep that in mind when requesting support. I have been sort of bad about using the blog like I said I would but considering the lack of comments I figure no one is checking it anyway; so meh… Oh yeah and MadnessMC is back online for those that care. If you need anything feel free to message me or file a ticket if I am not around. My email is also always open if you need something.



Welcome to Hell!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to 2015! With this new year I have decided to use the blog portion of this site again. As I use to just throw random ideas and continuous whining at people I figure opening this back up to put useful information on here might be in the best interest of folks involved. For those that notice; I did in fact basically close DIMS again… It will still exist for maintaining the hosting side of what I do here and reselling some things but other than that its pretty much gone. As for BLS; the TS is all that is left for it. I will be moving the forums to this server when I get around to it as an archive once again. Last but not least many people have been asking about the Minecrat server. I closed it becuase Bukkit is gone; if Bukkit ever is actually developed again I plan to continue it in some capacity. My next post will be some kind of useful article. Until the; enjoy my rants of old.


Some Changes


Due to lack of use the following services have been removed. Current customers are not affected.

– Website Hosting
– VPS Hosting
– DIMS Forums (These are now only archived for staff use)
– Ticket Support (Due to lack of use)
– This blog will be updated less

Also with this elimination of services many staff have been removed to accommodate the complete REMOVAL of support for the above services. The only ones with server access or technical support capabilities are Josh T and I. Beyond that everyone else is just a moderator (except Sceptile who will manage the Minecraft Userbase.)

Weekly Update – Apr 14 2014


Just a quick update as is normal. This time I will not do a list though… More worlds have been restored in hopes that it will bring people in. A new group has also started to play with us. I am hoping through all of this that our community will grow. If you have any ideas on how service can be improved please let me know.


Weekly Update – Apr. 7 2014

Hey all,

On this week’s blog update I just have a few things to cover; before
like a few days ago absolutely nothing was going on but a lot has
happened over the past two days so here goes. In my usual style I am
going to do a list because things are easier that way.

– There was a lot of griefing a few nights ago. If you have been
griefed please notify an admin so we can use CoreProtect to restore
your buildings. If you were killed and the items on you taken please
contact me; I have a few chests full of items that were taken of which
I have recovered.
– Due to this recent griefing I have removed new player’s ability to
build. All new players must ask a Guard or Admin to be able to play.
– I have given Guards the ability to ban, add users to a usergroup and
to mute people. Please follow the rules; not knowing them is not an
excuse for not following them so I have posted them in spawn for
everyone to see.
– I have added Trips back to staff as a Guard and I would like to
welcome _XDXDXDXD_ as a new Guard. The guards will be taken on the
role of Moderator since we have no mods. Enjoy being staff guards!
– Last but not least Josh T (Slaydemons) has come back as my shadow.
Listen to him when I am not here; after all you would not want me to
destroy your mind with ragefist now would you!?

Enjoy derp folks…


Update for the week of Mar 31 – Apr 6


So I said I would do one of these weekly… So I am… Things have been pretty dead everywhere but there are a few things.

– The issues with accessing spawn chests should now be fixed.
– We have a new group that is going to be joining the server. More information on that will happen in the coming days.
– Wolf’s computer is out of commission. If you need support contact Val or I; for everything else Sceptile or Patrick can help you.

That is it… See why I say it is dead… Though I doubt anyone will comment on this.


Update – 3/22/14


Since I only occasionally update the blog with useful stuff and making YouTube videos is basically pointless for the number of people we have in the community I figured I would do those update posts I use to do for the DIMS Blog. I will try to do one weekly.

General Project Updates
– Melody has been inactive when it comes to helping manage things so I have brought in Valerie (Lathelian on Madness) to help me keep things running and organized.
– For a class I had they had me write some poems; I have added them to the writing page.
– I have made some minor upgrades to the forums and whatnot.
– I may start an LP series on YouTube with Valerie if time permits and people will actually watch it.
MadnessMC Updates
– Global region removed; replaced with CoreProtect… Griefers beware!
– We hit 8 people max online again. I reset the slots since we would never reach 15 down to 10 but if we start hitting 8 – 10 on a regular basis I will up the slots again.
– Due to inactivity Soda has been removed; replaced with Sceptile.
– Pat is still in charge of security. Do not let him not having OP fool you; he can stomp griefers, PVPers ect.
– Since we now have a shortage of active admins I would like to welcome Wolf back to the team. It is a hope that he will bring order and stability.
– Last weekend’s events did not happen because of a lack of attendance.
– The WHM server was having some log in problems. Those have been resolved.
– The VPS management panel has been off due to its bill not being paid on time. This has been resolved. For more about bills please see the following blog post.
– Applications for hosting will be opened again soon if anyone is interested.

I hope that this post gives you some information about what has happened over the past twoish weeks. This week is spring break but I will be around as normal to help out; same with everyone else on staff. We don’t take breaks except like Christmas.

Hope you enjoy!