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A New Blog Emerges!

I need to stop ripping movie titles… Anyway the blog is back online as are the forums. I will be posting something longer here soon to explain what is going on and where we are headed.



Thank You!

Hi everyone,

I usually do not post here anymore but I do want to post here to say a few things. First off if anyone has noticed this community is now its own thing again. Secondly it occurs to me that this community has been a thing for a long time. Slaydemons has been here five years and some of you have been here even longer then that. Thanks for being a member of things; in spite of my being an annoying asshat and complaining about things or bugging you to RP, play Mabi, PSO or Minzercomft with me I do hope that I have given you something to look forward to over the years in at least some manner or another… The same goes with PA as most of you came from that or my most recent project IGA… You all mean the world to me and as the founder of this community it means something to me that some of you are still loyal even after my constant failings. I just want to say thank you to you guys! I would have ended all of this a long time ago if it were not for you people. If there is ever anything I can offer you, help you with or if you just want to chat please reach out to me… I want things here to continue for years to come and continue to be a fun place for people to do things together. Keep fighting the good fight and keep on treking through life you all are wonderful people (Even you Rick!) I am honored to be the leader of this stuff and couldn’t ask for a better group of people to hang out with… If I ever rage or do something stupid just remember that… YOu guys chose me just like I chose you… All of us have had the option to leave but we still come here (even infrequently) so something must be getting done right <3. Josh

Blog Wars: The Pylons Strike Back

Hai der!

You seem to have ended up on my blog… I wonder how you found your way here… The Pylons sent you didn’t they… Enough derp for now…

I really love to use ellipses incorrectly don’t I; Welcome to my new/old blog. Even though my old posts were merged into the IGA blog I figured I should start this up again since to be honest throwing my personal opinions on a NPO’s website probably is not the safest idea for the IGA (especially when I rant about companies that could hand the IGA free stuff). My goal for the blog is to post some random reviews, my opinion on stuff and some updates on the personal projects I run that are not related to the IGA. If you have ideas for me to write about feel free to reach out to me.



New Services!


So we now offer a 7 Days to Die Private Server and a Contagion Private Server. For access to these you must already be a member of our community and ask within one of our Skype Groups. We also have another hosting admin who can help with hosting tickets when I am not around. He does not have access to the TS, 7DD server or Contagion server so keep that in mind when requesting support. I have been sort of bad about using the blog like I said I would but considering the lack of comments I figure no one is checking it anyway; so meh… Oh yeah and MadnessMC is back online for those that care. If you need anything feel free to message me or file a ticket if I am not around. My email is also always open if you need something.



Welcome to Hell!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to 2015! With this new year I have decided to use the blog portion of this site again. As I use to just throw random ideas and continuous whining at people I figure opening this back up to put useful information on here might be in the best interest of folks involved. For those that notice; I did in fact basically close DIMS again… It will still exist for maintaining the hosting side of what I do here and reselling some things but other than that its pretty much gone. As for BLS; the TS is all that is left for it. I will be moving the forums to this server when I get around to it as an archive once again. Last but not least many people have been asking about the Minecrat server. I closed it becuase Bukkit is gone; if Bukkit ever is actually developed again I plan to continue it in some capacity. My next post will be some kind of useful article. Until the; enjoy my rants of old.


Some Changes


Due to lack of use the following services have been removed. Current customers are not affected.

– Website Hosting
– VPS Hosting
– DIMS Forums (These are now only archived for staff use)
– Ticket Support (Due to lack of use)
– This blog will be updated less

Also with this elimination of services many staff have been removed to accommodate the complete REMOVAL of support for the above services. The only ones with server access or technical support capabilities are Josh T and I. Beyond that everyone else is just a moderator (except Sceptile who will manage the Minecraft Userbase.)

Weekly Update – Apr 14 2014


Just a quick update as is normal. This time I will not do a list though… More worlds have been restored in hopes that it will bring people in. A new group has also started to play with us. I am hoping through all of this that our community will grow. If you have any ideas on how service can be improved please let me know.


Weekly Update – Apr. 7 2014

Hey all,

On this week’s blog update I just have a few things to cover; before
like a few days ago absolutely nothing was going on but a lot has
happened over the past two days so here goes. In my usual style I am
going to do a list because things are easier that way.

– There was a lot of griefing a few nights ago. If you have been
griefed please notify an admin so we can use CoreProtect to restore
your buildings. If you were killed and the items on you taken please
contact me; I have a few chests full of items that were taken of which
I have recovered.
– Due to this recent griefing I have removed new player’s ability to
build. All new players must ask a Guard or Admin to be able to play.
– I have given Guards the ability to ban, add users to a usergroup and
to mute people. Please follow the rules; not knowing them is not an
excuse for not following them so I have posted them in spawn for
everyone to see.
– I have added Trips back to staff as a Guard and I would like to
welcome _XDXDXDXD_ as a new Guard. The guards will be taken on the
role of Moderator since we have no mods. Enjoy being staff guards!
– Last but not least Josh T (Slaydemons) has come back as my shadow.
Listen to him when I am not here; after all you would not want me to
destroy your mind with ragefist now would you!?

Enjoy derp folks…


Update for the week of Mar 31 – Apr 6


So I said I would do one of these weekly… So I am… Things have been pretty dead everywhere but there are a few things.

– The issues with accessing spawn chests should now be fixed.
– We have a new group that is going to be joining the server. More information on that will happen in the coming days.
– Wolf’s computer is out of commission. If you need support contact Val or I; for everything else Sceptile or Patrick can help you.

That is it… See why I say it is dead… Though I doubt anyone will comment on this.