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Update – 3/22/14


Since I only occasionally update the blog with useful stuff and making YouTube videos is basically pointless for the number of people we have in the community I figured I would do those update posts I use to do for the DIMS Blog. I will try to do one weekly.

General Project Updates
– Melody has been inactive when it comes to helping manage things so I have brought in Valerie (Lathelian on Madness) to help me keep things running and organized.
– For a class I had they had me write some poems; I have added them to the writing page.
– I have made some minor upgrades to the forums and whatnot.
– I may start an LP series on YouTube with Valerie if time permits and people will actually watch it.
MadnessMC Updates
– Global region removed; replaced with CoreProtect… Griefers beware!
– We hit 8 people max online again. I reset the slots since we would never reach 15 down to 10 but if we start hitting 8 – 10 on a regular basis I will up the slots again.
– Due to inactivity Soda has been removed; replaced with Sceptile.
– Pat is still in charge of security. Do not let him not having OP fool you; he can stomp griefers, PVPers ect.
– Since we now have a shortage of active admins I would like to welcome Wolf back to the team. It is a hope that he will bring order and stability.
– Last weekend’s events did not happen because of a lack of attendance.
– The WHM server was having some log in problems. Those have been resolved.
– The VPS management panel has been off due to its bill not being paid on time. This has been resolved. For more about bills please see the following blog post.
– Applications for hosting will be opened again soon if anyone is interested.

I hope that this post gives you some information about what has happened over the past twoish weeks. This week is spring break but I will be around as normal to help out; same with everyone else on staff. We don’t take breaks except like Christmas.

Hope you enjoy!




Considering that I have finally reached the same road of annoyance I had when I closed PimpAnime the first time I really want to make a few things clear even though I am certain no one reads this blog and my saying anything will just be dismissed as rage. Okay; time for bullet points…

  • The things I ask for are rather simple and I don’t understand how there is no follow-through. For those who have no memory or just dont pay attention I am going to make my expectations clear.
  • If  you want nothing to do with me as a person/friend and you just want magical service to go VROOM VROOM; pay me. (Not really but seriously… if   you guys are part of the community ACT LIKE IT)
  • If you actually are here to be a FRIEND and be actively involved in my online projects  then ACTUALLY BE INVOLVED… BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY; POST, SOCIALIZE, TALK TO ME ON SKYPE and maybe if  you want to try RP with me; I don’t care if you have no imagination… Someone to write with is better than writing alone.
  • If your only purpose here is to play Minecraft period then please kindly move on… I created this as a COMMUNITY for people to be ACTIVELY involved in its stuff; that means more than just no lifing the MC server.
  • I spend around 130 dollars a month to keep all of this going; I believe my expectations of actually making friends and expecting people to do shit with me is not an unreasonable request… After all if     you think it is I invite you to please go find someone like Kevin, buy a dedicated box, set it up, keep in running and pay its monthly bills then buy an IP.Board and a backup email system for support then find people who just use your service without giving you anything and see how it feels… I guarantee you will agree with me after   years of being pushed around b rage-fisty entitled folks.

Now I will move on to the finances… Also yes I am being a dick… After all expecting something to do after a day of classes and work is unreasonable isn’t it…

Collocated Server – 85 monthly
Google Apps – 10 monthly (For support, emails and record keeping in case the server goes down)
IP. Board License – 50 every six months
Domain Renewal – 10 yearly
Video Recording Software – 20 every so often (To record the few Youtube videos I do; recently though this has not happened)

So looking at that I spend about 110 – 120 a month if  you break it all down… Isn’t it only reasonable for me to expect something for my investment after all I basically spend my entire leisure fund on keeping this going and only have two paying customers which amount for maybe 250-ish a year. Though I have said all of this before so I do not really expect anything other than rage but whatever… At least I said what I needed to say.


Forum Archive Work

I am nearly done fully archiving both of the forums. Once that is complete I will update this blog post and shoot out emails to those whom were on the forums notifying them of such. I had to clean a lot of spam users out of the IP.Board and ended up deleting like everyone so just ignore the Guest things on posts. If I decide to start a go at a forum again with the IP.Board at that point I will focus on restoring peoples accounts; until then I’ll just make things public.


EDIT: They are both now archives. There was only one RP on the Risa forum and nothing much happened in it so I just have it in a hidden staff zone. For the DIMS forum there were personal information in some staff forums so I hid those; beyond that enjoy the archives and read to your hearts content… There are a lot of RPs there.

My Writing and RPs


So I just wanted to take a quick minute to let everyone know that I might archive my writing on a page here so people can read it in its unedited form (the writing that led to a lot of my RPs). I also plan to make the RPs; yes even the ones of an adult nature publicly accessible. I am also thinking about doing more RPs; if anyone is interested in doing a forum role play with me or if you have not done it before and want to try then by all means let me know… I love writing and wish I could do more creative writing stuff more often but I have such a small group of friends who do it and I’m picky with my genres… It makes it kind of difficult. I wonder if anyone actually reads my blog posts… *mumbles more about people reading his blog*

~ Josh

Lots of New Stuff


Sorry for not posting as often as I would like. I have added a few things and changed things around though. Since a lot of the things that have been happening (if not all) on Disqus have been purely support matters I have made a ticket system for people to use so Disqus can be used for what it is suppose to; chitchat between community members or games. I also added some tools to prevent bot registration and injection so I stop getting spammed with useless emails about bots derping the site. Anywho; my hope over the next few weeks is to get the DIMS forum back up and working and move all the old stuff into a archive so we actually have a working forum again. Hopefully i will have updates on that at around Spring Break time. Oh yeah; give me ideas for stuffs to post on the blog!




So I have a few changes I am going to implement now. First off I wanted to let everyone know that Minecraft has a new world now and creative is off. Anyone who has never been on Madness before will end up in a default group and will need to be moved to the proper group before they can build. Secondly I am removing the chatbox; it is completely voiding the point of the Disqus so I am taking it away. Use the comments on the Minecraft page if you have a problem with the MC server.

Final Straw – Minecraft

So it has happened again. I asked people what they wanted; they said a vanilla server. I gave them that; they asked for tools to help them live I gave them that… Then people asked me to be more involved. I gave them me being around and now when someone asks for mobs I give them mods then I give them a wall to prove defenses do work and they rage when I give them a reason for said wall. I am basically done trying at this. I gave you guys stuff yet I have never gotten any major donation from ANY of the major current players so fine; you want a server where you get whatever   you want, pay nothing and dont have to deal with an admin. Done. I will be removing all OPs but giving you all creative. There; I hope you enjoy and know since I dont play on creative servers I wont be coming on.