Weekly Update – Apr 14 2014


Just a quick update as is normal. This time I will not do a list though… More worlds have been restored in hopes that it will bring people in. A new group has also started to play with us. I am hoping through all of this that our community will grow. If you have any ideas on how service can be improved please let me know.


Weekly Update – Apr. 7 2014

Hey all,

On this week’s blog update I just have a few things to cover; before
like a few days ago absolutely nothing was going on but a lot has
happened over the past two days so here goes. In my usual style I am
going to do a list because things are easier that way.

– There was a lot of griefing a few nights ago. If you have been
griefed please notify an admin so we can use CoreProtect to restore
your buildings. If you were killed and the items on you taken please
contact me; I have a few chests full of items that were taken of which
I have recovered.
– Due to this recent griefing I have removed new player’s ability to
build. All new players must ask a Guard or Admin to be able to play.
– I have given Guards the ability to ban, add users to a usergroup and
to mute people. Please follow the rules; not knowing them is not an
excuse for not following them so I have posted them in spawn for
everyone to see.
– I have added Trips back to staff as a Guard and I would like to
welcome _XDXDXDXD_ as a new Guard. The guards will be taken on the
role of Moderator since we have no mods. Enjoy being staff guards!
– Last but not least Josh T (Slaydemons) has come back as my shadow.
Listen to him when I am not here; after all you would not want me to
destroy your mind with ragefist now would you!?

Enjoy derp folks…


Update for the week of Mar 31 – Apr 6


So I said I would do one of these weekly… So I am… Things have been pretty dead everywhere but there are a few things.

– The issues with accessing spawn chests should now be fixed.
– We have a new group that is going to be joining the server. More information on that will happen in the coming days.
– Wolf’s computer is out of commission. If you need support contact Val or I; for everything else Sceptile or Patrick can help you.

That is it… See why I say it is dead… Though I doubt anyone will comment on this.


Update – 3/22/14


Since I only occasionally update the blog with useful stuff and making YouTube videos is basically pointless for the number of people we have in the community I figured I would do those update posts I use to do for the DIMS Blog. I will try to do one weekly.

General Project Updates
– Melody has been inactive when it comes to helping manage things so I have brought in Valerie (Lathelian on Madness) to help me keep things running and organized.
– For a class I had they had me write some poems; I have added them to the writing page.
– I have made some minor upgrades to the forums and whatnot.
– I may start an LP series on YouTube with Valerie if time permits and people will actually watch it.
MadnessMC Updates
– Global region removed; replaced with CoreProtect… Griefers beware!
– We hit 8 people max online again. I reset the slots since we would never reach 15 down to 10 but if we start hitting 8 – 10 on a regular basis I will up the slots again.
– Due to inactivity Soda has been removed; replaced with Sceptile.
– Pat is still in charge of security. Do not let him not having OP fool you; he can stomp griefers, PVPers ect.
– Since we now have a shortage of active admins I would like to welcome Wolf back to the team. It is a hope that he will bring order and stability.
– Last weekend’s events did not happen because of a lack of attendance.
– The WHM server was having some log in problems. Those have been resolved.
– The VPS management panel has been off due to its bill not being paid on time. This has been resolved. For more about bills please see the following blog post.
– Applications for hosting will be opened again soon if anyone is interested.

I hope that this post gives you some information about what has happened over the past twoish weeks. This week is spring break but I will be around as normal to help out; same with everyone else on staff. We don’t take breaks except like Christmas.

Hope you enjoy!




Considering that I have finally reached the same road of annoyance I had when I closed PimpAnime the first time I really want to make a few things clear even though I am certain no one reads this blog and my saying anything will just be dismissed as rage. Okay; time for bullet points…

  • The things I ask for are rather simple and I don’t understand how there is no follow-through. For those who have no memory or just dont pay attention I am going to make my expectations clear.
  • If  you want nothing to do with me as a person/friend and you just want magical service to go VROOM VROOM; pay me. (Not really but seriously… if   you guys are part of the community ACT LIKE IT)
  • If you actually are here to be a FRIEND and be actively involved in my online projects  then ACTUALLY BE INVOLVED… BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY; POST, SOCIALIZE, TALK TO ME ON SKYPE and maybe if  you want to try RP with me; I don’t care if you have no imagination… Someone to write with is better than writing alone.
  • If your only purpose here is to play Minecraft period then please kindly move on… I created this as a COMMUNITY for people to be ACTIVELY involved in its stuff; that means more than just no lifing the MC server.
  • I spend around 130 dollars a month to keep all of this going; I believe my expectations of actually making friends and expecting people to do shit with me is not an unreasonable request… After all if     you think it is I invite you to please go find someone like Kevin, buy a dedicated box, set it up, keep in running and pay its monthly bills then buy an IP.Board and a backup email system for support then find people who just use your service without giving you anything and see how it feels… I guarantee you will agree with me after   years of being pushed around b rage-fisty entitled folks.

Now I will move on to the finances… Also yes I am being a dick… After all expecting something to do after a day of classes and work is unreasonable isn’t it…

Collocated Server – 85 monthly
Google Apps – 10 monthly (For support, emails and record keeping in case the server goes down)
IP. Board License – 50 every six months
Domain Renewal – 10 yearly
Video Recording Software – 20 every so often (To record the few Youtube videos I do; recently though this has not happened)

So looking at that I spend about 110 – 120 a month if  you break it all down… Isn’t it only reasonable for me to expect something for my investment after all I basically spend my entire leisure fund on keeping this going and only have two paying customers which amount for maybe 250-ish a year. Though I have said all of this before so I do not really expect anything other than rage but whatever… At least I said what I needed to say.


Forum Archive Work

I am nearly done fully archiving both of the forums. Once that is complete I will update this blog post and shoot out emails to those whom were on the forums notifying them of such. I had to clean a lot of spam users out of the IP.Board and ended up deleting like everyone so just ignore the Guest things on posts. If I decide to start a go at a forum again with the IP.Board at that point I will focus on restoring peoples accounts; until then I’ll just make things public.


EDIT: They are both now archives. There was only one RP on the Risa forum and nothing much happened in it so I just have it in a hidden staff zone. For the DIMS forum there were personal information in some staff forums so I hid those; beyond that enjoy the archives and read to your hearts content… There are a lot of RPs there.

My Writing and RPs


So I just wanted to take a quick minute to let everyone know that I might archive my writing on a page here so people can read it in its unedited form (the writing that led to a lot of my RPs). I also plan to make the RPs; yes even the ones of an adult nature publicly accessible. I am also thinking about doing more RPs; if anyone is interested in doing a forum role play with me or if you have not done it before and want to try then by all means let me know… I love writing and wish I could do more creative writing stuff more often but I have such a small group of friends who do it and I’m picky with my genres… It makes it kind of difficult. I wonder if anyone actually reads my blog posts… *mumbles more about people reading his blog*

~ Josh

Lots of New Stuff


Sorry for not posting as often as I would like. I have added a few things and changed things around though. Since a lot of the things that have been happening (if not all) on Disqus have been purely support matters I have made a ticket system for people to use so Disqus can be used for what it is suppose to; chitchat between community members or games. I also added some tools to prevent bot registration and injection so I stop getting spammed with useless emails about bots derping the site. Anywho; my hope over the next few weeks is to get the DIMS forum back up and working and move all the old stuff into a archive so we actually have a working forum again. Hopefully i will have updates on that at around Spring Break time. Oh yeah; give me ideas for stuffs to post on the blog!